April 13th, 2006

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Urgh. While normally I wouldn't mind hearing Tom Baker's dulcet tones delivering a message (as at www.thedoctorsays.co.uk) I'd really rather my clients didn't text my landline at Oh-God-O'Clock (okay, it was about 0720, but that's well before I usually get up).

But anyhow.


Films: Inside Man is an amusing and neatly-plotted heist film, worth watching (or possibly, by now, catching on DVD). Firewall... isn't. While the computer security stuff didn't actually make me chew my own arm off (possibly a first, in films, with the exception of WarGames where I contend I was too young to know better), the actual film was very thin on plot and has a really uninspiring ending. Shame really; Harrison Ford could have done so much better...

Food: the veg boxes keep coming and thus the amount of evening and weekend cookery is still high. I made strawberry muffins and pear muffins for thalinoviel and bytepilot's MuffinFest last weekend, both of which came out fine (unlike the date muffins which didn't rise at all). Must try to get some more people round to dinner before we start packing bits of kitchen up ahead of the building work starting.

Building: nothing more to report as yet; the planning permission decision should be made on the evening of 24/4. I have various home improvement magazines -- specifically kitchen ones -- sitting around awaiting my perusal (maybe over this weekend sometime).

Dr Who: new series starts Saturday evening, whee!

Ponds: the village pond has baby coots but, as yet, no visible ducklings. Our pond has approximately 2.5 squillion tadpoles, along with frogs, toads, and a couple of newts.

Houses: everyone seems to be moving at the moment. We have a fun day ahead of us tomorrow shifting boxes for caffeine_fairy and chomper99 -- well, rotwang will move boxes while I attempt to prevent cats from getting into boxes; I believe that's the plan.

Genealogy: I have just been put in touch with a descendant of the "missing" sibling in my great-grandfather's family; turns out the reason I couldn't find her anywhere is that, although she was registered as Ellen, she usually went by Nellie and her marriage is registered in that name (and in a completely different part of the country). Hurrah. ;)

Sleep: More would be nice. More would always be nice. Roll on the long weekend...