April 25th, 2006

There ought to be a law against it

-- making me get up earlier than on any other day of the year (0615) to go to a breakfast meeting and then onto Infosec. Bah. Usually I take my birthday off....

Saturday was a very fine day and involved feeding ducks, photographing said ducks being fed, buying books, eating truly infeasible quantities of Yo Sushi's finest (memo to self: the Trocadero branch does not do their miso black cod plate... b*stards) and then a gathering of The Usual Suspects at the Captain's Cabin. We may have sat round and watched Dr Who on their big-screen telly early on in the evening... (but you all knew I was a sad git).

Tonight, rotwang is whisking me away to deepest Bray to nibble on strange and wondrous concoctions at the Fat Duck. There will be reporting back.