June 7th, 2006

Dance Dance Epileptic Hamster

I have worked up to doing 20 minutes of Dance Stage Euromix (or the other game which thalinoviel also kindly lent me, whose name I don't remember) each afternoon, at the moment. (I tried it in the morning but am just not awake enough to follow directions at that time of day.) 20 minutes may not sound like a whole lot but it's 20 minutes more exercise than I was getting previously ;)

I have also mostly solved the "where are my feet going" problem -- you'd think it ought to be relatively easy to put them in the right place given that the feet themselves are attached to the end of your legs! -- which means that I can fairly reliably hit most of the songs on Standard mode rather than Easy, now. Not too sure about Difficult mode, as I'm sure some of the moves require me to have three feet -- or is this like Twister, where I'm supposed to use my hands as well?

In other news, our planning application continues to drag its feet through the processing, largely because the external firm that our council has outsourced this sort of thing to are a bunch of muppets. However, apparently the council's reaction to "but #46 is building the exact same extension as we want, how come you're complaining about ours?" has been "Are they now? That wasn't on their plans -- they shouldn't be doing that. Thank you ever so much for bringing this to our attention...." Oops.

I should really write up some of the most recent books read, one of these evenings. The last one finished was Charles Stross's Clan Corporate, my main reaction being "ARGH -- when's the next one out?"