July 28th, 2006

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Recent purchases:

Shoes. My much-beloved and incredibly comfortable pair of black ankle boots are finally approaching the end of their life (some would say that should have been about a year ago), so I went out last weekend in search of replacements. Not really the ideal time to do so, since most of the shoe emporia are currently trying to sell off the summer-themed stock that nobody in their right minds would buy -- admittedly I'm sure there are some people out there who need multiple pairs of garishly-coloured strappy impractical sandals, but I am not one of those people. (I hate sandals.) I managed to find one pair of approximately-equivalent boots at Barratts, but I also wanted a pair of slightly sturdier boots perhaps a couple of notches down from my rather industrial walking boots (which are a bit heavy for round-town wear, even discounting the whole brown and green thing).

After checking pretty much every shoe shop in Kingston, I finally wound up in "Mr Shoes", acquiring two pairs of Wrangler boots. One ladies' pair in dark brown -- the closest thing they had to black -- and one men's pair in black. The men's pair fit okay, though they're a bit chunkier than the ladies' version; probably better suited for those days when I want to channel my inner dyke...

Shorts. Not usually part of my wardrobe but in this weather, if you're doing exercise (as I have been, sadly), then you want something which isn't too hot (leggings are pushing it) and which will cover your thighs (otherwise there is chafing, and that's a Bad Thing). I had one pair of shorts in a fetching... okay, garish... black and white pattern which have sadly lost any elasticity in the waistband that they may once have had, i.e. they fall down. (This is the pair of shorts that once attracted a zebra.) Evans, who would be my usual standby in such matters, didn't have any shorts in anything smaller than a 22 (two sizes too big), and M&S had either cut-off leggings, or microshorts which would fail the thigh-covering test (come to that, I strongly suspect they'd've failed the arse-covering test). Evans' website, however, did have what they described as "cycle shorts", which have turned out to be less unpleasantly lycra than I feared. And the price was right (7 pounds a pair and I seemed to get a random 5 pound discount for having bought three pairs).

CDs. I finally got round to looking for some CDs of the stuff I'd enjoyed at Guilfest and found that play.com had a section specially designed for that purpose... made finding things much easier. I'm waiting for the first of those to show up today.

Books. After going to the christening of H&M's son on Sunday, rotwang and I (and our former DodgyLodger) pottered back through Oxford to check on the bookshops -- look, they might have been finding business hard without us... Blackwell's had some moderately techie stuff I wanted (I reckon I can just about squeeze digital-photography-related books through as a business expense) and Waterstones' 3-for-2 offer mugged me. Who Moved My Blackberry is a bit like e but not as good -- similar epistolary style but you (mostly) only get one side of the discussion, which makes it a bit fragmented. The Bitch Goddess Notebook is okay; a story from fifteen years ago told in parallel with its characters' current lives (well, 1988 and 2003), but I'd like to have seen a little more of the aftermath of the 1988 story (no spoiler there).