August 31st, 2006

What do we want -- bigger placards! When do we want them -- when I get an A3 printer!

I have exercised my right to protest in Parliament Square; I even have a nice letter from the Met telling me I was allowed to do so... (eventually; it arrived about noon today)

Rather than go for one single placard I prepared several and rotated between them, including:

  • Save Our Public Libraries
  • Stop Human Cloning - say NO to ID cards (rotwang's suggestion; I saw at least three other ID-card-related protesters)
  • When Encryption Is Outlawed, Bayl Bhgynjf Jvyy Unir Rapelcgvba

I liked the Pluto-related one pictured in the article linked above (not the only one), the one protesting the Government's responsibility for England's defeat at the Battle of Hastings, the Goth Pride banner (black with silver text) and the Monster Raving Loony chap demanding free chocolate for students, pensioners and the unemployed.... I was very briefly interviewed by Dutch radio (they asked what I was protesting about; as I was holding the second-mentioned placard above at the time I said "ID cards. Bad idea...")