September 10th, 2006

Does anyone want...

Clearing out our garage has revealed the following bits of not-quite-rubbish:

1) An empty (but new) PC case, vintage approx. 2001, with all necessary rails etc.;

2) A (new, still in packaging) roller blind; 4ft x 6ft, cream colour;

3) My collection of costume dolls from when I was little (a couple of plastic bags full). These are mostly the sort of souvenir dolls that well-meaning aunties bring you back from foreign holidays. gone!

4) three wooden jigsaws, of the type where you fit the pieces into a shaped recess in another piece of wood. Probably aimed at, oh, age 2-3. Caveat on these; they date from the early 70s and I cannot make any claims about what the paint might be made of (caffeine_fairy, I'm guessing this might preclude them being of use to your place of employment).

Items 1 and 2 would need to be collected from Ewell, items 3 and 4 could probably be posted if need be.

First come first serve? Anyone?

(Edited to add: all of these are free to a good home, though something towards the postage would be appreciated if #3 or #4 wind up being posted.)