October 4th, 2006

Yippee Skippy

Today's skip is Skip #7, but hopefully it won't get filled completely today -- much of what is currently being dug up is earth which will wind up being re-used on the front garden.

Yesterday's skip changeover almost went pear-shaped, on the grounds of the builders having (rather optimistically) adopted the Pizza Hut Salad Bar approach; i.e. stack celery wood round the edge of the bowl skip so that they could get more into it. Some of that wound up being tipped off into the skip which was taken away this morning -- despite some idiots having broken into the skip company's yard overnight, stolen one of their lorries and completely trashed another. One does have to wonder if someone thought a skip lorry would make a really good getaway vehicle and, if so, for what crime?

Apparently today's contingent of builders involves a guy with a pneumatic drill, a guy with a sledgehammer, a guy with a pickaxe and a guy with a shovel. They seem to be excavating fairly efficiently...

We happened to run into one of our neighbours from the side further away from the building work yesterday evening, who was asking if we had any idea how much long the drilling was likely to take; apparently his wife had had an operation last week and is finding it a bit difficult to sleep at home with that going on. (Our builders are relatively well-trained and are only drilling between about 0930 and 1700.) We were hoping they'd be done with the drilling today, but apparently tomorrow is now looking more likely -- they keep finding more bits of concrete as they dig further down... oh well. (My mother did suggest sending round a bunch of flowers with a set of earplugs attached.)