October 10th, 2006

Rock the House

As it turned out, we only had to go down 1.25m for the foundations, not 1.5m, as below that level the builders were digging into chalk which wouldn't be affected by tree roots. So, concrete will be happening later this week, and they've moved onto digging drains.

Even that's not going to be as simple as we hoped, since apparently you can't increase the amount of roof runoff water going into the sewers, so there's going to have to be a soakaway somewhere to take the extra water from the new part of the building. The "simplest" option seems to be to put it at the front of the house, so at some point there will need to be excavation of 1.2m x 1.2m x 1m deep, plus whatever's needed to overcome the slope of the driveway -- but this needs to be 5m from the building, which'll be right at the front end of the driveway.

Yeah, that'd be about where the skip is currently sitting, then. Oh well, we'll worry about that in a week or two...