October 11th, 2006

bibliogirl abducted by aliens: film at 11

I've signed up for the local sports club.

It has two pools, and a very well-equipped gym with lots of different weapons of torture machines.

I have an induction session on Friday evening, and at some point I am going to need to go out and acquire some decent trainers and a couple of new swimming costumes (the old ones being the wrong size).

The plan, in my mind at least, is that by paying *mumble* pounds a month for the privilege, it will encourage me to go over there, and having more variety in the available gym stuff than at home should also help.

We shall see.

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There was a plan for today involving a lorry full of pre-mixed concrete showing up in a couple of hours, so that the foundation trenches could be filled.

The attempt by the sea to reclaim the land by air-drop (TM caffeine_fairy) has rather jinxed that; we've rescheduled for tomorrow morning, fingers crossed...