October 19th, 2006

(no subject)

I have a shiny new phone. It's a Nokia 6021; it lacks gadgets such as an MP3 player and a camera, but mostly because I specifically said I didn't want them. I have cameras (plural), and I have MP3 players (which I don't use much anyway). Mostly I just wanted something with a bit more memory so I didn't have to keep clearing out texts, and which could cope with something other than monophonic ring tones.

Theoretically the 6021 has the capability for polyphonic ring tones, but in practice most of the downloadable ones out there have too many channels for it. However, it does also support AMR (adaptive multi-rate, Google tells me) sound, and Nokia provide a free converter (registration required) for WAV, MP3 and the like. OK, so the resulting quality's not fabulous, but then neither is it for most of the other ring tones out there, so I don't care that much ;)