November 21st, 2006

Email grumble

You know, I remember the days when, if person X left a company, anyone trying to email them would get one of two outcomes; either they'd get a bounce message saying "X has left", or even just "X not known at this address", or alternatively their email would be forwarded to someone else within the company for them to deal with.

These days, with the rising tide of spam, increasingly you don't get useful bounce messages _or_ redirections, so you have to try to make a judgement as to whether person X is ignoring your mail because they no longer want the service that you previously provided them -- and this is _ALWAYS_ people who've used the service concerned previously; I don't cold-email them -- or whether person X has left, or whether person X's spam-filter is overly fascist, or whether person X is just so disorganised that they haven't responded to your email yet.