December 14th, 2006

(no subject)

I've just finished writing up a long and detailed description of why a particular website is dodgier than a huge sackful of dodgy from Dodgy McDodgy's Dodge Emporium, to send on to Oxfordshire Trading Standards, and to someone else's local police. It has screenshots and everything. Go me.

In other news: dear LJ, what the hell have you done to the update page? Can I please have the ability to edit the date back, without needing to click on extra stuff?

(no subject)

Anyone know where I might be able to get some venison sausages (as close to "just venison" as possible) before Christmas? None of the supermarkets seem to have them, and while the obvious answer would be "Borough Market", I don't rate my chances of getting up there before Christmas. And my local butcher, who's usually very good for that sort of thing, has also come up blank.

Is there some kind of shortage of deer this year?

O Lazyweb, give me your wisdom...

My mother is shortly to acquire a computer (you may all run away screaming now). As part of the hardware acquisition process she will be needing a printer. I haven't gone shopping for lower-end printers in a while; what's the current such item of choice? She probably won't be doing a _lot_ of printing but I'd expect she'd quite like to print off some photos now and then -- so something which'll take photo-weight paper would probably good.

"Cheap" would also be good.

I really am being lazy; I don't have time to go and research this in huge depth...