December 15th, 2006

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On the one hand, December would not necessarily have been my first choice of month to have our windows replaced.

On the other hand, it's a fairly mild December as these things go. Also, while the place may be infested with builders, at least none of them have taken their shirts off or anything deranged like that.

Neighbours on one side have been twitching about the glass in the new windows which overlook them. Yes, we know it's clear at the moment; it's a placeholder while they sort out the obscured glass (misordered originally). And hey, there is no floor in that room at the moment and it's only accessible by ladder. Panicking, much?

Neighbours on the other side were entirely happy to let the windows chaps carry the frame for the patio door down their side path -- ours is blocked by scaffolding.

Guess who'll be getting the nicer message in their Christmas card.

More pictures at the usual place. (I've archived some of the older ones into a folder so the thumbnail page isn't quite so outrageously huge.)


One of the servers appears to have died -- I have no idea how the windows chap managed to kill off one of the UPSes simply by plugging a vacuum cleaner into the plug next to it, but he did; and when I brought that back up and turned the relevant PC back on, it stayed on for about five seconds and then keeled over. When I have that room back again I will need to find a monitor and plug it in and see what, if anything, is going on.