December 24th, 2006

Low-carb pastry

6 oz/175g Carbalose (low-carb) flour
3 oz/75g ground almonds
125g butter, cut into small pieces

Rub butter into flour and almonds until the mixture resembles fine sand. (Or cheat, as I do, and throw it all into the food processor.) Add cold water and mix with a knife until dough forms (exact amount of water needed varies depending on temperature, flour, etc.). Wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for (at least) 15 minutes before rolling out and using as you would regular pastry.

(Total carbs in one quantity of this pastry should be of the order of 39g.)

If you have leftover pastry after making whatever you originally planned, roll it out and cut it into 1cm wide strips, sprinkle with a mixture of cinnamon and Splenda (or your granulated sweetener of choice), and hey presto, cinnamon-flavoured nibbly bits.

A Matter Of Life And Death...

Yesterday night was my firm's Christmas do -- in the shape of rotwang and me going to see Iron Maiden at Earl's Court. (Never say I don't know how to show him a good time.)

For some reason there were two support bands rather than one (and the first one was on before "official" showtime so we only heard some of it while getting coffee and food outside the main hall). Lauren someone? Followed by Trivium, a US-based band who want very, very badly to be Metallica when they grow up.

Maiden themselves were, in this instance, not quite what I was expecting. When a band's been going as long as they have but also have a new album out, you'd usually expect a few tracks off the new album mixed in with some of the old. What Maiden have done on this tour is to showcase the entire _A Matter Of Life And Death_ album, beginning to end, finishing off with a couple of older hits.

While the new album's got some very good stuff on it, I feel that playing the whole damn thing may be crossing the fine line between "not getting bored with playing the same old stuff year after year" and "self-indulgence". I saw at least one couple leaving after six or so tracks... okay, so we got five old tracks in all (including the three that formed the encore) but that was against the ten tracks from the new album.

So, not a bad gig, I don't regret it, but hopefully next time they tour we can have some more of the old hits?