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Bibliophile Lass' Journal
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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

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Good! I got an iPod Nano for Christmas.

Bad! I can't use in-ear headphones, and neither of the pairs of normal headphones we had kicking around the house let the Nano pump out enough volume to be properly audible over the loud music at the gym. ("Ask the gym to turn the music down" is likely to be a non-starter.)

I'm interested in recommendations for something that'll let me hear my own stuff. The type of headphones which fit over one's ear in the style of a hands-free kit might work, or conventional ones; anything that relies on the shape of one's ear opening to hold it in place is a no-go.
I may not have been babbling about the building as much lately, but there has been plenty going on. As previously mentioned, we now have heating again, and most of the new windows are in. We returned from visiting the relatives after Christmas to find that the builders had successfully installed the Bloody Big Beam which runs across the new kitchen (to support the previously-external wall above it) -- this was a fussy project involving several large chaps, many supports holding up bits of the house, and some sledgehammers to get rid of the temporary wall and the bits of previously-permanent wall surrounding it. I was just as happy not to be in the house while they were doing that (and I suspect they were glad we weren't there, too). On the downside, much of the ground floor of the house is now covered in dust... not that it wasn't already. More dust, then.

The external work is getting closer to being complete. Most of the rendering of the outside is now done, awaiting only the stones for the new pebble-dashing to be worked on (should be arriving Monday).

Upstairs, we now have three rooms where previously there were none; the new library, the server room and the en-suite bathroom. These are mostly at the point of having walls and ceilings, as of today; the next major thing is that we move stuff out of our bedroom into the new library, and go and sleep in the spare room while the bedroom itself is gutted and remodelled (this will also involve knocking through a wall into the previously-mentioned en-suite). There's also the little matter of knocking through the old landing wall so that we can have stairs into the new upstairs -- as opposed to going up a ladder or climbing through the landing window.

We really are at the point where we're going to need to go and choose bathroom stuff, colours, flooring, and the like (and let's not talk about the kitchen units, which I'm still trying to sort out). Still, I spent some of yesterday making important decisions like how many power sockets one needs (answer: a hell of a lot more than in any of the existing rooms, thankyouverymuch)

The continuing photo saga is, as ever, here.

[mantra] It'll be lovely when it's done. [/mantra]

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