February 15th, 2007


Hmm, the bill which arrived this morning for our home BT line advised that as from 1/5 they would be charging 4.50 a quarter to anyone who had the temerity not to pay by Monthly Payment Plan or direct debit. (I pay by bank transfer at present, which surely can't be significantly less convenient than direct debit.)


I figure that that means they get _this_ quarter's bill paid in the least convenient way possible. So that'll be:

- some of it by bank transfer
- some of it by cheque in the post
- possibly some of it over the counter at a bank

-- anyone got any other good suggestions? (They specifically say they won't take cash in the post, and I probably don't have enough time to do several over-the-counter payments.)

(Sending them 48 quid's worth of horse manure, while amusing, probably wouldn't actually get marked off as a payment against my bill.)

Another brief plug...

for the Epsom Book Fair; dealers' preview tonight, general access tomorrow and Saturday (closes at 4pm on Saturday).

They have 14 boxes full of SF/Fantasy (one of which is, worryingly, entirely Star Trek). There may well be a few more scattered around the general fiction... I didn't get enough time to look at EVERY fiction book in the place.

I may try to remember to take my small camera along this evening ;)