March 8th, 2007

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Last night I tried out my newly-purchased George Foreman grill for the first time. I bought it to stand in for actual cooking facilities while the kitchen was being ripped out and rebuilt; a microwave is good for many things but cooking meat is not generally one of them (reheating, fine, but not cooking).

There were a few minor hiccups which mostly related to the facts that (a) the plates and cutlery are all currently in one of the new rooms upstairs, (b) the grill was in the utility room, on the other side of the kitchen, (c) the only access to the utility room was by going outside and through the garage, as the kitchen floor was (at the time) composed of wet concrete (and is now composed of dry concrete).

However, I can report that the grill does cook slices of aubergine and fillets of salmon very nicely. And I didn't even drop any of them into the driveway works as I was carrying them back round from the garage...