April 12th, 2007

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I could go to bed, or I could babble on LJ. Gee... there's a tough decision. ;)

The four-day weekend just gone had an unusual lack of Places We Had To Be -- by design -- so we spent most of it enjoying the sunshine in various and sundry locations. Apart from those bits of it that involved catching up on sleep, starting at about 2230 on Thursday when the jet-lag and the gym conspired to put me to sleep very early!

Friday saw the first top-off action of the year... oh, you perverts. The car. We drove to Newbury to visit The Living Rainforest. Pretty and interesting, but didn't take up quite as much time as we were expecting, so we returned via Silchester, to look at the Roman walls. We arrived home with about 10 minutes in which to change and to ascertain what time Dr Who was on, to set the DVD recorder (having forgotten to record it the previous weekend).

This latter task would have been a lot easier if the internet and TV connections had both not been dead in the proverbial water (we have a cable modem). Harsh words were spoken, mostly directed at our builders, but we managed to have a pleasant dinner with T&S anyhow without fretting too much about when we might be able to get NTL Virgin out to fix the problem.

Saturday started with my asking the builders to try to figure out what had happened to the cable. We quickly found the point where it had been damaged -- a great piece of installation by the previous cable company but three (or so) had left the cable unprotected -- but our builder turned out to be handy with gaffer tape, and managed to fix the cable so that the relevant pieces were not touching. This restored the Internet and TV, and there was much rejoicing (not least because Virgin couldn't send out a technician until today (Thursday)). So we celebrated by leaving the builders to it (again) and heading to Oxford for the afternoon to enjoy the bookshops and a very pleasant dinner.

The builders were taking Sunday off -- completely unreasonable -- so we declared that "Sit Around And Read" day, and I finished... hm, three? Well, two and a half books. _Command Decision_, the new Elizabeth Moon book, picked up in Toronto (this is the fourth in the _Vatta's War_ series); _Rollback_, the new Robert Sawyer book, likewise acquired (in scribbled-on form) in Toronto; and about half of the recent _Glorifying Terrorism_ anthology, which for some reason I decided not to bother packing to take with me on the plane. In the evening we pottered over to impose on caffeine_fairy and chomper99 for food, canasta and Dr Who.

Monday brought the builders back and caused us to decamp to Nonsuch Park with (more) books in hand. We'd also acquired some of Homebase's disposable barbecues so that we could inaugurate the newly-laid patio; the patio is rather more successful than the barbecues were, but eventually we managed to get Meat Cooked, and indeed consumed.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I can't wait... despite this having been a short week, it seems to be going awfully slowly...