May 3rd, 2007

(no subject)

OK, this is a slightly unusual one...

I've been emailed by a friend of a friend who's a US-based writer who needs to fact-check a few things in and around London. Unfortunately his timescale is tighter than I'll be able to help with; is there anyone with some spare time in the next few days who can help with:

  1. The shops on Curtain Road in Hackney, near Old Street;
  2. A few architectural details at Hampton Court Palace;
  3. (possibly) Long Pond in Clapham Common.

(I have answered some basic questions about Clapham Common but if he needs more detail then I may need to throw that one open to the floor.)

He'd be after some digital photos of the places concerned if possible. Anyone able to give him a hand? Comment here or drop me an email and I'll pass his details along...