June 2nd, 2007

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The electrician spent most of today in our understairs cupboard. This wasn't actually because he'd been annoying once too often, it was because that's where the fuse box is. Well, was; it has now been replaced by two fuse boxes, rather more heavy-duty (and less old) than the other one.

This meant that we spent much of the day without power, and even more of the day without computers (since we were asked to power them down rather earlier than turned out to be strictly necessary -- oh well).

Twitch. Twitch.

Everything came back up happily enough when the power was restored in the early evening. Phew.

In other news, we also now have spiffy granite worktops in the kitchen. The wardrobes are back in the bedroom, too. I have just spent some of Saturday night throwing out knickers that no longer fit, and sorting out bras likewise to send to these people. We really know how to party around here, I tell you...