June 8th, 2007

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My eyes... my eyes...

I had to go into the village at lunchtime to do various bits of admin, and I thought I'd take a look at the shop which has recently opened opposite our Chinese restaurant of choice.

Finders Keepers: Collectables and... something else that memory has already erased. Possibly "Gifts". (And shouldn't that be "Collectibles" anyhow?)


Pink. Fluffy. Spangly. 'Cute'. Tasteless. Pretty much everything in the shop -- with the exception of some of the Star Wars figures (all Episode I - III, sadly) and the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards hit at least three of these five categories (in fairness, "tasteless" probably gets a mention automatically if any two or more of the other four hold).

The stuff they had in the window looked as though it might be amusingly kitsch, but no, this is not 'kitsch', this is not 'ironically tacky', this is just 'tacky'.

Don't think I'll be shopping in there any time soon...

Apparently we have a New Age shop opening at the other end of the High St later on this month. That does at least mention books, so it'll probably get at least five minutes of my time before I run for the door, frothing at the mouth. I can only assume that rents on Ewell High St are very low indeed; we do seem to have a lot of specialist shops (wedding cake decoration? chocolates? diving equipment? -- actually, the latter is just in the process of moving).