September 27th, 2007

All the news unfit to print

1) I have today proved that we have functional central heating (unlike this time last year). There has been much radiator-bleeding (and I probably need to do another round later on).

2) Possibly of interest to those sewing/costume making types: Corcoran & May, big mostly-furnishing-fabric store in New Malden, are closing that shop at the end of the year -- their lease is up. They have other branches but are apparently selling off a lot of the stuff from this branch cheap. 31-35 Blagdon Road, New Malden; it's about an eight-minute walk from New Malden station, and there are two car parks right next to it. 020 8949 0234. I'm afraid I don't know their opening hours offhand.

3) I wonder if there's a way to do tags in Photoshop Elements 5 in text format rather than having to drag and drop? (I should probably watch some of the instructional stuff the OU have provided at some point.)

4) I bought rotwang the first series of Heroes on DVD for part of his anniversary present. There goes some of the weekend, I suspect ;)

5) The Friends of Nonsuch are having their annual booksale at Nonsuch House on Saturday -- 10:30am - 4pm, I believe. I shall probably wander along at some point during the day for a look; there's usually at least a few paperbacks worth spending 20p on. And it helps with the continuing campaign to give Surrey County Council a good kicking stop Surrey County Council trying to sell off the House, which they don't actually own...