February 10th, 2008

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The weather is glorious, and almost completely unlike what you'd expect from February. Thus we decided to go for a walk; we took this route, a nice circular walk from Kemsing in Kent. The route map calls it "challenging" but it's not really that bad; one steep upward bit and one slightly longer steep downward path which has steps in it, plus a fair amount of more-or-less flat stuff for a total of about six and a half miles. There were only moderate amounts of mud, some lovely views and lots of sunshine; I'm tempted to go back in a month or two as I think there'll be loads and loads of bluebells... There were some irritating quad-bikers near the path at one point, but thankfully only in one area.

I rather suspect I may ache just a little tomorrow. Also, I'm sure my walking boots used to fit a bit better than they do at the moment; may need to replace those, which would be a shame, or else try some insoles.