May 8th, 2008

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I was Unpopular Kitty Mum this morning when I dragged Zen and Orac off to the vets for undignified pokings and proddings (vaccinations, deworming, defleaing, and microchipping). While they were fairly chilled on the way there, by the time I got back I was being treated to the stereo chorus of disapproval.

Somehow I think I'll be even less popular when we do it all over again tomorrow, as I'm taking them in to be spayed. At least Zen may not be able to spend so much time behind the freezer if she's wearing a cone (knowing my luck she'll just get stuck behind it)

I was sort of impressed to find that the little darlings had already started earning their keep by leaving me a dead mouse on the back doormat. "sort of" on the grounds that I'm not sure what it was doing in the kitchen (apart from being too stupid to realise that squeezing back under the door would be a good plan when entering a room with two cats in it). At least it was not eviscerated, just... dead. Makes for easier clean-up.

Once I pick them back up from the vets tomorrow afternoon, I intend to let them out to explore the house beyond the kitchen/utility -- though they may not feel much like it for a bit.