May 9th, 2008

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(No, Zen, I do not require your help to type, even if that does mean I am being delinquent in my stroking duties.)

The cats are back from their surgery and very well and happy. Veterinary anaesthetics have come a long way since the last time I was in a house with a cat who'd just been spayed (admittedly that would have been getting on for 29 years ago). They are mostly annoyed with me because I won't give them enough food; the vets told me to give them small amounts of some particularly bland wet wet food, which has been snarfed down in no time flat in each instance. They also don't have cones to wear; I have cones in case they start licking their stitches a lot, but they seem to have better stitch technology these days as well -- not so easy for cats to pull out.

You know your cats really are cute when the vet staff remark upon how the nurses have been cooing over them all afternoon. Apparently they were curled up together in the recovery cage. ;)

Most of our collected families are visiting this weekend, and all of them are catlovers, so I rather expect these two are going to get spoiled absolutely rotten...