January 5th, 2009

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Back to the grindstone today, although not an especially scratchy grindstone; it was busy but not manic, which was a reasonable easing-in to the world of work, since I'd been off since Christmas Eve.

Stabcon was fun (and staying at the local Premier Inn instead of the Britannia was definitely a good plan). The cats are still insane.

Rock Band was going well until I hit "Green Grass And High Tides" on medium drums, which is kicking my arse. (It doesn't exist on the drum world tour on easy level, but I can do it on easy on Quickplay.) It's almost totally boring for the first five minutes and then all hell breaks loose at about 53% through. I can tell it's about there because the failure screen keeps telling me I got to 55%. Still, if at first you don't succeed swear loudly and copiously play it on bass instead of guitar try, try again and all that.

[ETA: now managed it to.... 95%. I nearly threw my drumsticks at the bloody TV...]