January 27th, 2009

Waily waily

The AC/DC pack for RockBand arrived yesterday... only it doesn't actually seem to work properly. Text is blurred/distorted and it seems not to recognise the drum's kick pedal quite a lot of the (and no, tests suggest this isn't just me being incompetent). So back it goes to EA for a replacement -- I called them and that was what they said to do -- though I'm concerned that they seem to think it's an issue with the disc and I would have expected disc issues to cause it to not run at all. We'll see.

Play.com still reckons Rock Band 2 is out for the PS2 on Friday. Fingers crossed :)

In other RB news, Quotë (the band consisting of rotwang on guitar and me on drums) has now managed to get five stars on everything on RB1 and Song Pack 1. Go us :)