February 19th, 2009

The Case Of The Missing Pond

My cats, beloved little creatures that they are, think that it is nearly Spring. I can tell: they brought me the first frog of the year yesterday.

They evidently considered it too hard to get that frog out of our pond, though. This morning I glanced out of the kitchen window while making the first coffee of the day, and noticed a certain lack of... well, a certain lack of pond, really. The infrastructure was still there, as were the plants. And some mud. The most important component -- the water -- was mostly missing.

This is not a beautifully well-kept, manicured pond. It has a pump which recirculates the water through a filter, and returns the water to the pond via a hose which used to be mounted into a pottery jug so that the water poured out of the jug. (Sounds twee, I know -- but it was there when we bought the place.) Unfortunately that jug succumbed to the elements a couple of years back and so, at the moment, the hose itself is sat on the side of the pond with its end pointing down into the pond to drain.

Or at least it was yesterday afternoon.

I'd turned the pond pump off during the recent very cold weather (we don't have any fish* -- as far as I know -- so it wasn't going to be a problem for them). Yesterday I restarted the pump and went outside to check that it was working; the hose itself was caught in some weed so I pulled it clear and left it draining into the pond, just where it ought to be.

At some point since then, the Furry Felons must have thought "Hey! This moves! Let's play with it."

So when I went out there this morning, the hose was draining next to, rather than into, the pond; the lawn and bushes behind the pond had been extremely well-watered, and the pond itself was all but empty.

There followed a bit of a scramble to unroll the nice new garden hose from its ties, to put the pond hose back in place and to start refilling the pond... oh, did I mention I was still in my dressing-gown at this point, and the whole "not yet caffeinated" bit?

I suppose it could have been worse. I didn't have to fish either of the cats out of the mud. Yet.

* Well, there was the incident last autumn when the cats brought me in a live fish. I didn't think we had any fish... luckily for the fish, I had a glass of water handy, and put it into that before tipping it (back?) into the pond. Whether it survived that adventure, I have no idea.