Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Not quite how I was expecting to spend my afternoon

I received a phone call around lunchtime from caffeine_fairy and chomper99 who are, some of you probably remember, going to WOMAD this weekend. The gist of the phone call was "help! our car has ceased to function, is there any chance you could come to Reading and give us and our stuff a lift to the other side of town?"

Because it has been very quiet at work this week, and because the Big Car (or at least the Car With The Big Boot) was here, I agreed to do so.

Time to get to outskirts of Reading (~J11 M4): about 75 minutes
Time to get across Reading to festival site (approx. 5 miles): about 150 minutes
Time to get home again from Reading: about 120 minutes (evening rush hour)

Look on caffeine_fairy's face when she realised all their stuff would fit in our car even with three people in it instead of two: rather gobsmacked

Friends' eternal gratitude and many karma points: priceless...

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