Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Oh, let's see...

... what've I been up to.

Thursday: Roleplaying, a D&D campaign. Was fun, and the party didn't get nearly as minced as they did last time, though quite what we're going to do with the hanger on who now has a prosthetic foot, I'm not quite sure.

Friday: The start of a possibly-regular poker night at the flat of a friend of ours who hasn't long moved into the more-or-less local area. I actually came out ahead on the evening, which is pretty much unheard of, courtesy of a couple of exceedingly lucky draws. Holding three of a kind and drawing a pair is nice...

Saturday: We finished our Christmas shopping. I feel very virtuous. ;) Most of the rest of it had, mind you, been done in a major online shopping frenzy over the previous couple of days (and I have my fingers crossed that I won't be let down by any of the mail order suppliers who have my business this year... the December 2000 debacle is why I no longer use Amazon if I have any choice in the matter).

Saturday evening was a friend's annual silly-games Christmas party, which was amusing as ever. Intercontinental Ballistic Pass-The-Parcel, for instance -- it starts off very sedately and within a few minutes the parcel is being thrown across the room... they usually have the parcel split into multiple warheads parcels part-way through, too, which means that you need to keep watching what's going on. Add alcohol and watch a bunch of (mostly) thirty-something adults reverting to age 5 or so...

Sunday, after getting to bed at 3am after aforementioned party, we had to get out of the house by approx. 10am to drive to Ipswich to play Call of Cthulhu, which again was fun, and followed by yummy dinner with a much better stab at Rösti than I managed the other week. The trick seems to be to grate the cooked potatoes, not to chop them as the recipe I used suggested (or else to chop them a lot more finely than I did - a grater seems to make much more sense)

Today, back to work with maybe the beginning of a cold - felt rather cloth-headed for most of the day. Alternatively, the social whirl of this time of year is perhaps catching up with me. This evening, briefed new cleaners (hurrah) and began painting window frames and door in the bathroom, which has been waiting to be done for a while -- well, ever since the bathroom was finished, really. The undercoat doesn't seem to be going on all that evenly over the formerly-dark finish but it's not too bad, and presumably the gloss paint going over the top will coat better.

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