Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I like Christmas holidays. For one thing it means I usually get to catch up on a lot of much-needed sleep.

Christmas Day passed in a haze of presents, food, silly TV, food, dozing off, games, and food.

Boxing Day we had the massed hordes descend upon us for games and food. It's a shame so few people wanted trifle, but the salmon and the salads seemed to go down well, even if the mango and avocado one didn't work quite as well as it usually does.

From the 27th to the 29th we visited the beloved's mother and stepfather, and did very little; fended off food and took them to see the new Bond flick. (Pretty much what you expect from Bond; wildly implausible plot, impressive effects, nice-looking ladies and lots of Blowing Shit Up.) Played some games; introduced them to Perudo and also to Guillotine (sadly I'm just not that big a fan of the latter). We also took down a whole bunch of leftovers - meat, mince pies, that kind of thing - and watched them whimper about fitting it into their fridge (ha! it's not as though it fitted well into ours).

From the 29th to the 31st we visited my parents, once again fending off food and not doing a whole lot. My father beat me at Scrabble twice, to my immense irritation (last few years I've usually been beating him, not the other way round). My sister was there for the first few hours we were, and seemed happy with presents etc. She and my parents had been to visit the Ferne Animal Sanctuary and we thought that sounded like a nice idea, so we went there with them too. And my mother finally caved in and agreed that they really did need another cat (their previous cat having died a couple of years ago at the age of 21.5); the two cats who eventually got the nod are arriving on Wednesday the 8th.

Mum is convinced that my sister and I conspired to stitch her up on this front, I should add. Not so, Mama dear; it would have been a good idea if we'd thought of it, but it didn't happen that way...

On the 31st we meandered back home, via Wincanton (for tea with the beloved's father and stepmother, whose schedules just didn't match for the rest of the time at all), Marlborough (for lunch with an old friend of ours and her son; sadly her husband, also an old friend, was at work). Showered, changed (and looked at the damp patch on the bedroom wall and thought 'bollocks; really do need to get the flashing round the chimney fixed') and then headed out to the New Year's party.

The party itself was OK, despite involving a back garden which could have served as a model for trench warfare during WWI - the trench in question having been dug in an attempt to drain the rest of the garden. As a result, most of the rest of the place was only squelchy as opposed to actually underwater. Those of you abroad may have seen news articles about the excessive amount of rain that we've been having in the UK recently - it's all true. (Those of you in the UK will have already been aware of the rain, I imagine. And if not, please tell me where you live so that I can move there. I'm very bored with the whole permanent-precipitation thing.)

I did, at least, set a new fashion for 2003. Leather corset and wellington boots, anyone? :)

Back to work today, and it was very quiet, which is good because it means I don't feel bad about taking tomorrow off to go to Stabcon up in Manchester (hurrah). Some more work-related idiocy raising its head but hopefully it won't go too far; the person concerned has to know this is a bad idea, and that it'll be shown up as a bad idea very, very soon. I wait with bated breath.

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