Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

It's the little things

I've just seen a bright green parakeet sitting in the apple tree in our back garden. (They've been around the area for years but this is the first time I've got a good look at one in our garden -- the only other time was a fleeting glimpse on a tree that might have been our neighbour's side of the fence...)

Secret Project X update: now 85% finished phases 1 and 2 (but the remainder of phase 1 will probably have to wait until tomorrow unless I want the cleaner to give me _really_ strange looks). Have finished the "total bastard" bit of phase 2 and am pleased with the results!

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    Anyone know how to turn off LJ's new "feed" style friends pages? Do not want. I find my existing 25-entries-per-page to be much more manageable.

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    Merry winter-festival-of-your-choice, all of you!

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    No, no, not me, but a friend of mine is losing his retail job this coming Monday when the place where he works closes down. (Nice timing...) Anyone…

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