Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Spanish is driving me batshit.

As if having to contend with exams with no dictionary this year wasn't sufficient, the Christmas break seems to have robbed me of any ability I ever had to understand spoken Spanish. OK, the listening comprehensions for A/S level are a lot harder than those for GCSE, but I seem to have gone from 'getting most of it' - or at least enough to answer questions - to 'say what?'

It's very dispiriting. I'm considering dropping the class altogether, since I don't want to do the exam and get a crappy grade. If I don't do the exam, I won't have anything to make me do the work for the class. (Unfortunately I have years of self-knowledge to back up both of these. Doesn't take failure well, doesn't work well without some kind of deadline or point to aim at.)

So, I'm trying to find more stuff to practise with, but it's proving difficult. I don't have a sufficiently long commute to try to find a Spanish-language radio station, and we don't seem to have any TV channels carrying suitable stuff. I've just dug around in the DVD collection to see what we have with a Spanish-language soundtrack (not subtitles; the reading is much less of an issue) and have come up with True Lies, which is currently playing with the Spanish track and the English subtitles. (For my US readers; most region 2 -- European -- DVDs do not have a Spanish soundtrack or subtitles; the Spanish stuff is usually on the region 1 -- US -- DVDs. I have some, and a player capable of playing them, but not all that many.)

We'll see how next lesson goes. But it's not looking good right now.

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