Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

That dripping sound you can hear? It's my brain leaking out of my ears.

Christmas is very nearly organised -- at least as far as presents go. Everything ordered from abroad is now here with us (with one exception which I expect to arrive fairly shortly). Amazon have, so far, not buggered anything up in the manner which they've done previously. The people delivering parcels have all taken notice of the sign on the porch which asks them not to leave parcels outside. Secret Project X is here and merely awaiting distribution.

Food is a bit of a different story. The main items for Christmas Day and Boxing Day are ordered, and I even got so far as to make my Christmas cake during the week -- in between ordering more stuff from Amazon, trying to diagnose other people's computer problems (running the gamut between "I can't connect to this site" all the way to "our Exchange server is doing something really odd"), attempting to find out what citizenship my mother currently holds (see previous entry), having to break it to rotwang that he wasn't going to see Status Quo next week, and going out for a very nice meal with queenortart. This means that I still have a bunch of foodstuffs to make, either as presents or as part of the meals for the 25th/26th. There will be shopping lists in my future.

I joke that next year's Christmas wishlist may include "someone to organise Christmas for me". And I don't even have kids! (Though we do still have to work out timings to see three sets of parents in five days, scattered around the south of England.)

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