Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

So far, 2006 is going well. Having spent a very, very fine New Year's Eve at bytepilot and thalinoviel's place, New Year's Day dawned rather later than one might expect (read: we didn't get out of bed until about 1330) and 2nd January has seen a visit from spooktastic and family, who all seemed to like their presents (secretrebel, the book you dedicated for her son was being devoured at a rate of knots ;)). Also, while tidying the lounge ahead of their visit, I found a coupon book which came with my camera; it contained a voucher for £70 cashback on the lens I bought at the same time. Wonder of wonders, I wasn't too late to claim, so that's going in the post tomorrow...

2005 ended reasonably. We fed people on Boxing Day, and then started the rounds of the assorted parents. Plus point: I didn't have to cook (much as I like cooking, by the time I'd done so on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day I was sort of cooked-out for the time being). Minus point: all the parents concerned seemed to be keen to feed us as much as humanly possible. It's entirely plausible that my liver may be turning into foie gras even as I type. About the only downside of the perambulations was that I'd completely forgotten the Goodies retrospective was on and thus forgot to (a) set the recorder for it, (b) watch it, except for about the last 40 minutes. Maybe it will turn up on DVD at some point.

Aside: when you pick the last two tiles out of the Scrabble bag and find that one of them is a Z, there is very little sweeter than realising that you can actually lay a six-letter word to clear your rack. About the only thing sweeter is finding that, when you put the word down, the Z winds up on a triple-letter score.... (Yes, I am smug about this. ;))

I've been dead efficient this afternoon and cleared a whole load of pending admin. Go me. I don't for a moment expect that this flush of enthusiasm will last beyond, oh, tomorrow, but it makes for an impressive start to the year...

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