Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Last night we went to see Santa Claus: The Musical down in Southampton. Yes, yes, neither our usual type of show nor an expected venue, but one of my goddaughters was appearing in it (the younger daughter of one of rotwang's friends) so we thought we should make the effort at some point during the run.

It actually wasn't nearly as bad as we expected it might be; for one thing, it was a professional performance so the number of people turning the wrong way, banging into one another, forgetting their lines etc. was zero (or indistinguishable from zero from our end of things, anyhow). Anita Dobson was having way too much fun overacting as the Ice Queen; Gary Wilmot was only moderately annoying; and the actress playing the little girl who was probably supposed to be 10-12 was at least made up to look younger than her 25 or so years, though it was a bit disconcerting when she sang and sounded older than the woman playing her mother.

We viewed the songs in a new light as we tried to tick off the various points from the Mitch Benn song "West End Musical". Unnecessary key changes -- check. Simple song that people will remember (possibly not American tourists, I don't think it'd be their kind of thing) -- check. Famous TV star -- just about, though all appearing and none ruled out by ill-health... Song between man and woman, involving two-part harmony and standing on opposite sides of the stage -- check, by which point I was having to stifle chortles.

I have no idea how the rules work for children appearing on stage these days. Things have obviously moved on since Ballet Shoes, my only source of information, since the minimum age apparently used to be 12 and the young lady we'd gone along to support is only 11 at present (and looked to be one of the older children, the youngest being maybe nine or so).

Other than that, um. I tried to go to see Brokeback Mountain earlier in the week, but was stymied by it not being on anywhere closer than Richmond -- it's coming to at least one of our more local venues next week so I shall make another attempt. Last weekend was Stabcon, which was its usual entertaining self (well, once we'd moved rooms away from the one with the unpleasantly smelly patch of mould on the floor next to the bed). We are pottering up towards Oxford this Saturday to pick up copies of some of the games we enjoyed (Ticket To Ride: Europe, Pueblo (somewhat over my protests ;)), etc.)

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