Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Adventures with Vegetables, part 1

Hm, well, that could have gone better.

I was busy for much of the day dealing with Other People's F**kups (so, much as usual then) but noted about 4.45 that I was still not in possession of a shiny box of vegetables (or a box of shiny vegetables). Called Abel and Cole, who said they'd call the driver and find out where he was.

"The driver's already finished his round," they reported. Was it possible the veg had been left outside? (I did mention on the form when I signed up that the porch door sometimes sticks.) No, not really, since the door hasn't been shut today, I've been in all day, and at least one other driver had managed to deliver stuff successfully. They called the driver back.

The driver called me. "But I delivered!" "Well, I don't have any vegetables here..." "You're off Hillcross Avenue, right?"


Since I grew up in this general -- very general -- area, I know where that is. It's about five or six miles away, in Morden.

"No. We're not."


A quick look on Multimap reveals that there _is_ a street with the same name as ours up there, whose postcode is not even slightly similar to ours, nor is the post town, nor anything else.


The revised plan involved the driver going back to the other place to pick the veg up and then delivering it down to us, but that has been abandoned due to the traffic being crap. I've been promised that a fresh box will be delivered tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I have sent rotwang to Sainsbury's, since tonight and tomorrow's dinner had been planned around the contents of the box I don't have.

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