Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

So, from the box of fruit & veg which arrived last week, what has been eaten?

Apples: these were made into tarte tatin on Friday night. All gone.
Bananas: these weren't really ripe enough to eat until a couple of days back. Some have been eaten plain or made into a milkshake; there are a couple left for rotwang when he returns from his trip.
Blood oranges: still awaiting use, they'll probably just be juiced at the weekend.
Broccoli: some accompanied the veal marsala we had on Friday, the rest went into broccoli, potato and blue cheese soup (which was very nice)
Carrots: some roasted to accompany the veal, the remainder in last night's soup (carrot, parsnip, coriander and orange)
Parsnips: the same fate as the carrots
Potatoes: we had a double ration of these as a replacement for something we didn't want. Some roasted with the veal, the rest into the soup with the broccoli. (That made quite a lot of soup -- about five hearty portions.)

There has been a lot of soup eaten over this past week. I believe this week's box is going to include Jerusalem artichoke -- the Abel & Cole website includes a recipe for Jerusalem artichoke with rosemary and cream, so I might give that a go. It'll also be a bit easier to get through veg without making them into soup when there are two of us here for dinner most nights.

Still, probably healthier than ready-meals...

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