Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass


Mmm. The cheese & broccoli quiche with the mashed potato crust didn't entirely work in terms of its construction -- partly this was because, contrary to the recipe's expectations, the crust didn't really set while being pre-baked, and partly because I had to dig it out of the pan I was planning to use and put it into a different one when it became obvious that the broccoli etc. wouldn't actually fit. Still tasted good, anyhow, possibly because of the half-packet of bacon I also threw in. To go with it, there was some grated carrot mixed with raisins and toasted pine nuts and marinated with some orange juice and a little cumin.

The apple and mincemeat crumble for pudding means that all I have left from this week's box-o-veggies/fruit are the oranges and one of the kiwi fruit; since we get kiwis, bananas and clementines in tomorrow's box, I see a fruit salad in my culinary future.

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