Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

As much for my own reference as anyone else's:
Grapes marinaded in vodka -- pierce the grapes, soak them in vodka for a while, serve in salt-rimmed glass. This started out life as a recipe involving cherry tomatoes instead of grapes, but the tomatoes take up a bit too much vodka, and your guests are usually pie-eyed before they go any further...

Mushroom and sherry soup -- this is an old favourite out of the cookbook I bought (or was bought; I can't remember) when I first needed to start cooking for myself at college. Dead easy and tastes very good.

Fish fingers (black halibut steamed with ginger), tarragon parsnips, mushrooms with soy sauce and a baby leaf salad (the last-mentioned was out of a bag from the supermarket). The halibut had a really delicate, tasty flavour and I may buy it again sometime; as previously mentioned, it was chosen this time on the basis of being the least likely to fall apart when cooked.

Grapefruit sorbet studded with lemon and lime Jelly Belly jelly beans. The jelly beans added a nice touch but do go rock hard when frozen (or when mixed into something frozen -- I didn't mix them in until the last moment) so they're probably not going to feature in future makings of the sorbet.

Chocolate fudge hearts with white chocolate & raspberry butter icing. Chocolate fudge cake out of Nigella Bites, with the chocolate in the icing switched for white chocolate and the vanilla essence swapped for raspberry liqueur. The cakes themselves aren't surpassingly sweet but the icing is hugely so -- it might need the icing sugar reduced a bit because you're using sweeter chocolate, I suppose. The cakes were finished off with a sprinkling of "raspberry dust" (ground freeze-dried raspberry plus sugar, available from Lakeland) and a single white-chocolate-coated raspberry apiece (also available from Lakeland)

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