Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Letter to my councillors

Dear [councillors],

I would like to find out the position of [my local] Council regarding the Government's proposal to introduce a national identity card and to set up a National Identity register.

I oppose the Government's proposals for several reasons. The track record of the Government -- any Government! -- on the implementation of large-scale technology projects is appallingly poor. Very few have been completed in anything close to their proposed timescale or budget. The Government's estimates of the cost of the ID card project have been discounted as far too low by just about everyone who has analysed them. The biometrics that they propose to use on the cards are unproven, especially for a population of the UK's size. Finally, I object in principle to being forced to register for -- and pay for -- a card which will be of no use to _me_, but only to a Government which seems bent on controlling as many aspects of its citizens' lives as possible.

Several city, county and district councils -- along with the London, Scottish and Welsh Assemblies -- have already passed motions stating that they will not require Government-issued ID cards for access to council-supplied services. I encourage you to propose a similar motion to [my local] Council. (A full list of councils who have passed such motions can be found at .)

Yours sincerely


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