Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

The party Saturday night was OK but not especially exciting; it was the birthday of a friend of mine I don't see that often, and I don't really know any of her friends. But we muddled along.

Sunday, at my parents' house, wasn't bad either. There was nice food, and wine, and cricket on the TV, and two lovely cats. One of them is still very nervous around people but is happy to hide out upstairs and entertain visitors who want to stroke her. The other is gregarious to a fault, and is the sort of big furry moggie who will leap onto the table and lie down across whatever you're reading, demanding attention. (Khyri, Kynn: I don't think he's significantly smaller than Olorin, but less furry; short-haired.)

I spent the journey down on Sunday revising a presentation to give on Monday, a by-now-annual event for an MSc course that my former officemate now runs. That went fine, thankfully. It's always a bit nerveracking in case someone asks me a question I can't answer...

Spanish class in the evening was bittersweet, since by then I had made my mind up that I was quitting; it seemed to come as more of a surprise to most people than I'd thought. I think there will be very few people taking the exam in May, though most of the other people who are not planning to take the exam are staying with the class, 'for pleasure' - but I know that I won't keep up with homework etc. if I'm not taking the exam, and I'd fall further and further behind. It wouldn't be pleasure.

Today was mostly catchup with stuff which had piled up during last week and yesterday afternoon. I'm not quite there yet, which is a shame since I'm out of the office tomorrow afternoon (funeral) and then my colleague is on leave for the last two days of the week. Mind you, the office has been a bright and sparkly place to work this week, largely because said colleague got engaged on Saturday, and is still in the grin-a-mile-wide and unexplained-giggle-fits stage. I'm not sure I was ever quite that bad, but maybe so, it was a long time ago...

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