Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Our semi-resident fox continues to make our back garden his own. He's currently curled up in his favourite spot between a couple of bushes, enjoying the dappled sunlight, and alternating between having a brief nap, waking up for a look around and a bit of a scratch, shifting position and then going back to dozing again (much like a cat, really) -- occasionally he'll rouse himself to patrol across the lawn in search of a more comfortable place to sleep. Lazy old thing.

  • Gah -- "friends" page styles

    Anyone know how to turn off LJ's new "feed" style friends pages? Do not want. I find my existing 25-entries-per-page to be much more manageable.

  • (no subject)

    Merry winter-festival-of-your-choice, all of you!

  • Gissa job...

    No, no, not me, but a friend of mine is losing his retail job this coming Monday when the place where he works closes down. (Nice timing...) Anyone…

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