Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Well, here we are in Indy airport, having successfully navigated the first couple of stages of the journey home: #1, Shoehorning All Our Stuff Into Cases, and #2, Checking In. #2 was actually incredibly un-traumatic, although Indy seem to have a fancy new security check thing involving you standing in a cubicle while air is puffed at you to determine your chemical composition -- or something like that. It looks a bit like a transporter booth, but unfortunately instead of instantaneous transportation to our destination, we still get to sit on planes a lot. #1 involved some cursing and swearing but did eventually happen (hopefully it will all stay in the cases)

I've just checked my email and those truly lovely chaps from Dead Gentlemen Productions, who are probably reading this (hi guys!), have just emailed me to tell me I won a rather gorgeous dragon figurine in their draw for those who remembered to put some kind of contact details on their feedback forms from Gamers II: Dorkness Rising. Gosh. On balance, even though I might have to wait some time while it wends its way to me, I think I'm just as happy to let them ship it to me rather than have had to figure out how on _earth_ I was going to fit it in luggage (we were already pushing the limits of checked items and weight). (Incidentally, I'm not sure the one being given away was painted. Would anyone like a challenge? I would be willing to pay...)

So, yes, GenCon has come and gone for another year, and as ever it has vanished in a blur of gaming and shopping and more gaming and trying to fit meals into very small timeframes and gaming and shopping and not nearly enough sleep. We've played some great stuff and some... rather less great stuff, and the friends we were staying with did get to see us for at least one evening and one morning (other than that, we were getting up before they did and returning after they'd already gone to bed). But more of that later.

Man, that's a big dragon.

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