Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Ah, Monday morning; it was still before 10am when I had the first call of the week from someone who had ignored all that boring stuff about backups. Naturally their business was heavily dependent on the service involving the thing they hadn't backed up -- who could have guessed? I treat such calls with about as much enthusiasm as I do the ones late on a Friday afternoon from people who want stuff done before the weekend.

After Thursday's parachuting fun, rotwang had the day off on Friday also, and spent it watching cricket and/or cutting down bits of garden, while I dealt with the usual influx of muppets worked. We headed to the cinema* to see Crank in the evening, which was lots of fun (okay, and a bit silly). (A definite improvement on Severance, which we saw the previous week. rotwang described it as "silly, with a few revolting bits" whereas I went for "revolting, with a few silly bits" -- too gory for me.) For some reason I think my dad would appreciate Crank -- must acquire him a copy when it comes out on DVD.

Saturday involved visiting a kitchen showroom to look at some stuff we might want to use for the Brave New Kitchen, when it happens... large stack of brochures to read through, with stupendous amounts of choice. We shall see. Then we started in on the Garage Adventure -- if it's likely to be demolished soon, it would be just as well if its current contents had been removed first. So our storage unit over at Big Yellow now has a lot more boxes in it, the bin's considerably fuller, and the metal-recycling area at the tip is several dead computers to the good -- we're not finished yet by any means but some of the remaining stuff is furniture which will need a van to move. Once we have a better idea as to the deadline by which it needs to be moved (well, "this year or next" would count as a better idea...) then we'll sort that out.

Oh, the excitement.

* the cinema has finally got the clue about some slightly better-for-me options in their snack shop; they have added a rack of nuts, dried fruit and the like. A bag of mixed nuts was just fine (as long as you didn't look too closely at the calorie count)

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