Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Lazy, lazy weekend; there's nothing much which must be done.

Spring is coming closer. Two of the local magpies were ransacking the edge of the pond in the garden yesterday, grabbing bits of nesting material for what must surely be a huge construction in one of the trees in the next garden.

Friday night poker was fun but I lost big and lost early. Losing with a full house is painful - but at least the beloved managed to win it all back later on with four jacks against two other people with full houses. (Texas Hold-em with three jacks on the table.)

Nobody seemed to be up to doing much on Saturday, least of all us. There was some random household admin to do, including grocery shopping, and then we sat on our arses watching England give Pakistan a kicking at cricket, ate some paella, watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and then made the mistake of watching the deleted scenes off the DVD.

It's not that the deleted scenes aren't amusing, it's just that they are damn nearly as long as the film itself once you've gone through the intros and stuff as well. You have been warned. ;)

Today: more random household admin and a trip to the soon-to-be-tenanted ex-house to pick up some rubbish before the new people arrive. It'll be good to get that sorted; it's taken a while.

The beloved is going to be away from home on business for the next eight weeks (but home for the weekends). Expect more LJ posting from me.

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