Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Some of you may remember my comments on the Guns & Roses gig we went to at the end of July, specifically regarding the timings of it and the fact that we had to skip out before the end of it to get home. I was actually annoyed enough to write to Wembley to complain about this (their response, roughly: "we begged them to go on earlier and they ignored us! but we did try -- honest... and Ticketmaster were supposed to have told you about the late running anyhow").

Wembley passed the letter on to Live Nation, the promoter, and I had a letter from them a couple of weeks later saying that as a goodwill gesture, if we could send back our ticket stubs, they'd be happy to refund our money. caffeine_fairy pointed out that there was nothing to stop me sending back _both_ sets of ticket stubs (we wound up buying another pair on the night after a slight incident involving the tickets being left on the dining table), and today's post included a cheque for the cost of four tickets (£160). Result ;)
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