Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

This entry brought to you by the letters A, C, H and E

So, yesterday was my first proper session at the gym...

My programme runs more or less as follows:

  • Five minutes on the exercise bike to start warming up. Theoretically this should be on level 2-3, but this has already migrated upwards to level 5 as the Nordic Track at home has strengthened my legs to the point where level 3 is not actually any challenge whatsoever -- except maybe keeping down to the RPM I'm supposed to be aiming for).
  • Various stretches on the Stretching Thingammie (one of these)
  • Ten minutes on the cross-trainer. This is easier than the Nordic Track from the arm point of view because you have fixed upright handles rather than bits on the end of a string. The only downside is that everyone else using the cross-trainers seemed to be doing so at about three times the speed I'd been told to use, but never mind ;)
  • Five minutes' brisk (for me) walking on the treadmill
  • Three minutes on what I'll call the "winch machine" (one of these). This is the point where my arms start saying "uh? what? ow! what are you doing, expecting us to exercise?"
  • Various and sundry weights machines. Mostly these involve two sets of ten repetitions with a minute's break between them. I wussed slightly on the second set of 'pec deck' reps and also on the second set of the machine which involves pushing your arms upwards, but the rest were okay.
  • 'core stability' -- stop laughing at the back, those who would argue that stability is not my strong point -- which involves sitting on one of those exercise balls, raising one leg at a time and attempting not to fall off. So far, so good, in terms of not falling off.

I then have a choice of using the Stretching Thingammie a second time to warm down, or to go for a swim (the latter usually wins). I had the outside pool to myself and managed, oh, three lengths before my arms started screaming at me again.

Hey, it's a start ;)
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