Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Oh yeah, I forgot one mildly depressing thing. I was pottering around other people's journals, in that "time in front of the computer, nothing special needing doing" sort of way that I am sure will be familiar to many of you with broadband, and ran across the online journal of someone vaguely known in comedy circles (as in, he's been on TV and does shows and I have heard of him) who turns out to have been a contemporary of mine during my undergrad days, though not in the same college. He has photos on his site of some of his older comedy troupes, which includes someone who was at my college and who I knew personally, who is apparently now a journalist and has also just published a book on the history of confectionery.

Sigh. Publication. One of these years - there of course being a prerequisite of actually writing something first. And no, I don't really think a thesis on deposit somewhere and one-nineteenth credit on a book of reviews really counts.

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