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We spent a most pleasant evening at secretrebel's birthday party last night, revisiting a room at the Oxford Union that I'm not sure I'd been in since October 1986 (a very drunken post-matriculation drinks session). Nobody tried to get round the room without touching the floor, which was probably an improvement on some of my college colleagues' behaviour from back in the day. I managed to find something in my wardrobe suitable for a black-tie event which still fitted, thankfully.

I'd originally said I didn't mind driving home from Oxford, but rotwang suggested that we could stay over there, and thus avail ourselves of a few hours out of the house and -- not incidentally -- a chance for a lie-in without being woken up by builders. I didn't take much persuading. Yes, our builders work weekends; we returned this afternoon to find our hall re-plastered (somewhat annoyingly this included some of the ground floor hall carpet, which we were intending to keep for the moment), the upstairs hall carpet removed, the kitchen having a ceiling in the newly-built part, and other such signs of progress. (Must take more photos later/tomorrow.)

Before going to Oxford we'd headed out to the wilds of Wiltshire to visit a supplier of granite worktops recommended by spooktastic and her hubby. The supplier had some very nice stuff and, assuming they don't come back with a truly frightening quote, we'll probably buy from them. Fingers crossed.

Next weekend the builders intend to move the stuff out of our bedroom so that they can knock the door through to the en-suite-to-be, replaster, receiling, and generally rebuild the hell out of it. This will mean that for some while our wardrobes and other clothing will be in one of the new rooms (after they've fitted a door to it...) while we sleep in the (not very big) spare room. And I don't for a moment expect that that will all be done before they start ripping the remainder of the kitchen out. If I look even more fraught for a while, I'm sure you'll understand...
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